About us

Welcome to the Newcomers in Ottawa. We’re a group of people from many different places but what we have in common is that we are all living in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

The best part of becoming a member in Newcomers in Ottawa is that everyone in our group is brand new: they are from the east coast to the west coast of Canada, or from Asia to the Middle East.

The fact of being a newcomer in Ottawa is not easy for any of us. But the great part is that if you are member of our big family, we are happy to have you here, to share our thoughts, and to share our experience to help you. And in the end, we are family in a new place and will be more than just only that.

We set this group up to help, share, network with each other, and create a sense of community. To start, introduce yourself here, or pose a relevant question to the group.

Contact us directly at : info@newcomersinottawa.ca
Website : https://newcomersinottawa.ca
FB group : https://facebook.com/groups/newcomersinottawa
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/newcomers-in-ottawa/
Instagram : https://instagram.com/newcomersinottawa