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Meet Mehdi Alami  –  Mehdi is from Morocco. He just recently have graduated with Bachelor Degree in Human Resources at University of Ottawa and he just got a job offer from TD Bank . He also an very active member on Newcomers In Ottawa community Facebook Group. He have been support many newcomers and he also ask for help from others members as well. He was so happy to share with Newcomers In Ottawa family that because of this big family that help him gained more self-confidence by being active in the community online and offline lead him to found more opportunities and information that hidden and can not find on Google.

He encourage all newcomers, specially those who are international student like him need to be more active to Ottawa community and to Newcomers In Ottawa community as well. 

We recently met up with Mehdi Alami to ask about his experience live in Ottawa, see what do he think about Ottawa as a newcomer in Ottawa .


What brought you to Canada? 

The nature and people and opportunity to grow and be in diversity and awesome people from different backgrounds

Why did you choose Ottawa ?

It’s bilingual and the university of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual university in the world

What has been the biggest challenge for you since you came to Ottawa ?

I learned so many new things and how to orient myself in my business career

How have you tried to get over that challenge ?

I found a job with many companies until I found the job with TD Bank

What are the challenges newcomers face here in Ottawa? What can be done to make it easier for newcomers?

Newcomers find it hard in the beginning to move to Ottawa because it’s a big city for the transport and the activities to do Ottawa is a boring city during the winter and there isn’t much to do

Are you doing something to help newcomers or are you in interested in participating in activities for newcomers?

Yes, Indeed . I always participate in the activities and help in Newcomers In Ottawa community Facebook Group when I can 

Any suggestions for those who are new to Ottawa?

Network and research is the key people has to look on the internet and read about how it works and try to go to events and be involved in the Newcomers In Ottawa community and make new friends as much as possible. You are new to Ottawa not wrong to be friendly and get out of your comfortable zone!

Anything else you want to share with Newcomers in Ottawa ?

I am glad to be a part of this Newcomers In Ottawa community Facebook Group.  I met so many new friends and did so many activities for fun and I learned so many things because of what everyone shares in the posts I feel more having a family an friends in Canada 🇨🇦


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