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Murilo Torres was so honored that in 2017  received Ottawa Ambassador from Jim Watson

Meet Murilo Torres and his wife Karla Torres – They are from Brazil. They moved to Ottawa more than 5 years ago. They are very active in the community. Murilo won the 2017 Welcoming Ottawa Ambassador Award, and the 2018 Stittsville Citizen of the year award. He works as a Sales Manager for Bell Canada in Ottawa, and his family just recently became Canadian citizens.

We recently met up with Murilo to ask about his experience on becoming a newcomer.


What brought you to Canada? 

I came to Canada for a better and safer life for my family (wife and 2 kids).

Why did you choose Ottawa ?

I chose Ottawa because for 6 consecutive years, Ottawa was awarded  “The best city to raise a family”. I also chose Ottawa for job opportunities, as Ottawa has a thriving tech scene, for example, Kanata North.

What has been the biggest challenge for you since you came to Ottawa ?


How have you tried to get over that challenge ?

Talking to everyone and networking! I also volunteered with many organizations, and that helped me learn and understand more about Canadian culture.

What are the challenges newcomers face here in Ottawa? What can be done to make it easier for newcomers?

Integrating with Canadians, resumes, funny “different” names… we needed to start over. Being in a new country, speaking a new language, experiencing different cultures, and so on. 

Are you doing something to help newcomers or are you in interested in participating in activities for newcomers?

I have supported many newcomers looking for work in Ottawa by connecting them with the right professionals in their fields, and I have been volunteering my time for several communities, not only in Ottawa but all over Canada. Currently, I volunteer as a Business Mentor at the Junior Achievers of Sacred Heart High School (Ottawa). I mentor and support them to be creative and entrepreneurial.

I am so honored that in 2017, I received the Ottawa Ambassador and 2018 Stittsville Citizen of the Year award.

Any suggestions for those who are new to Ottawa?

You should talk to your neighbours and find a way to be part of the community. Don’t stay at home.

You should also take the opportunity to volunteer and if looking for work, don’t rely completely on online tools when applying… 80% of jobs are placed based on referrals.

If you need more help, connect with me on LinkedIn:

Anything else you want to share with Newcomers in Ottawa ?

I wish you all good luck! Try to help people as many people as you can.

For me, 5 years ago, I had someone like you – eSAX – to help me when I moved to Canada from Brazil with my family.

So I would like to invite all newcomers in the “Newcomers in Ottawa community” to join me at my Happy Hour Networking Event on July 10th (4pm – 6pm).

This is an event I highly recommend for you to be part of, to connect with newcomers, job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Let me know what are you looking for and what you need. Visit and use the promo code MURILO for 40% off and stay for eSAX (6pm – 9pm) and the first drink will be on me!

Woohoo. Thank you Murilo so much for sharing your story on our Newcomers’s Story!

We hope you will enjoy to be a part of the group and support more in the community as a newcomer.

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