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Meet Aymen Ouasli – He is from Tunisia, He lived the last 6 years in Egypt, He is an Export sales manager and he is addicted to landscape photography


What brought you to Canada? 

I am looking for a better future for my son and my family, a stable country that encourages creativity, education and life

Why you come to Ottawa ?

Ottawa is an ideal city for me, since I speak French fluently and try to learn English too. Ottawa is safe and has Pros of the big cities and at the same time does not have the Cons of the metropolises.

What is the biggest challenge for you since you have lived here, in Ottawa ?

Finding my first house

How do you try to get over with that biggest challenge ?

Ask people, ask for help in the FB Newcomers in Ottawa community , stay positive

What are the challenges newcomer face here in Ottawa? What can be done to make it easier for newcomers?

Many challenges like housing, job experience, the magic solution is: Networking

Are you doing something to help newcomers or are in interested in participating in activities for newcomers?

Not yet, but I am ready to do, and I’ll be more useful in Arabic and French

Any suggest for those who new to Ottawa ? Relates to job, friendship, social life ?

I am still looking for my first job in Canada, in international sales, marketing or branding and my advice to myself and others is: Stay connected, go out meet people and smile

Anything else you want to share with Newcomers in Ottawa ?

I got my apartment after more than around 50 phone calls, 30 emails and 10 apartment visits and after 14 days from my landing day. The period itself is not so long, but the hardest part was when you visit an apartment and apply, and then you don’t get a call or they call to tell you ” sorry you’re not eligible”

After my humble experience in searching for apartment, here in Ottawa, I want to share some advice that might help people to get an apartment ASAP.

Once you arrive try to do the following:

1- Get a mobile number

2- Open a bank account and deposit as much money as you can (an amount that can cover your stay until you establish and find a stable job)

3- Bring with you a bank statement of your money left in your country (if available)

4- Contact as many renting companies as you can

5- Apply immediately to every apartment you visit and present all your Bank Statements instead of Letter of Experience and Credit History

6- If they say we will call you, 80% it means REFUSED but they don’t like to say it face to face

7- Use , and

8- Finally, I rented an apartment with Minto ( ) they are comprehensive and flexible Hope that can help and good luck to everyone

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