Happy 1st Anniversary of Newcomers in Ottawa Community

Woohoo!!! Over 83 members RSVP for our 1st Anniversary Party of Newcomers in Ottawa . At the event had more than 60 members attended – What an amazing night that we were celebrated together guys. We hope you guys had fun.





To be honest, I have so much to share with you guys, but if I have one thing I want to share with all of you here, it’s this: “do not limit yourself ” – Because you know what ? on March 23 2018 I created this group with only 8 members and the purpose of the group that connect newcomers together and support one another – A year later, I am here with all you guys and so many people get together and support each other in this community , the group already has more than 1600 members from over 100 countries and we have one thing in common that we live in Ottawa- the capital of Canada . What a journey that we all made together !!!

Newcomers in Ottawa – It really shows the power of not giving up, and trying to be a person who supports your community by giving back without asking in return.

So feel free to connect and support the person next to you. Ask them those questions who are you, where r you from and ask them if they need help from you?. because you will never know how much your knowledge will help another. It may be just advice on where to buy your first winter coat, or your first car, or a tip about a job . These are small things, but they can mean so much to those who need your help. 


At the end of the day, we are not alone! We are a community of Newcomers and we welcome everyone, no matter where you are from. We are here to help, to speak up, to be your friend, your sister or brother, and to grow together.

Cheers guys, to many more anniversaries to come.
Share this group to your friends and family support our community guys 
Big thank to my NIO event team, support the event so well Neha MajithiaCarine GJNazmul HaquePatrick McFaddenThomas Ndayiragije
Big thank to our special keynote Karla Briones – You are so amazing 
Big thank to our awesome blogger Twenty York Street (Marilou Moles ) was there to celebrate and support us so much 
Big thank to our Ottawa Food blogger Melissa Mui was there to have fun with us 
Big thank to CBC Ottawa was there to support our community as well 
BIG BIG BIG THANK to our members in Newcomers in Ottawa were all there to celebrate and to support each other 
We are not alone guys! We are a community of Newcomers in Ottawa !!!
Sharing is caring ! – Don’t be shy ! You can sit with us!

Support your community without asking in return . Be supportive and be mindfu

New to town? Old to town? We all welcome you! With a purpose of support each other! Your knowledge and experience is unique! So share it and it may help someone !
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