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Newcomers in Ottawa are here. We are a FB group community – Where you are new to town, you will find support, meet-up and information that help you !

So what is Newcomers’s Story about ? – This is about REAL story about our members, you do not need famous, you do not need have amazing job and sure you do not need be success in order in the Newcomers’s Story – Because each of you are born as unique as your experience . Feeling relate, feeling the same, feeling understood that is about Newcomers’s Story!!! – We are unique and we want to share our unique experience that will support, that will learn, that will speak of who we are and that will help others.

This is the second story of Newcomers’s Story – Where we share, learn and support!

Meet Kristine – She is from Philippines, have been lived in Dubai for 10 years,  recently move to Ottawa last summer  and why Ottawa ???. So let’s talk with her see what she could like to share with us.


A brief about you?

 Hi My name is  Kristine Tuazon Kasselis I’m happily married and a working mom with a 3-yr old daughter. Spent 10 years in Dubai before moving here in Ottawa last July 2018. I’m originally from the Philippines and my husband is an Irish/French National. I’ve worked as a Marketing Professional and have also worked in Singapore.

What brought you to Canada? Why choose Canada ?

My husband is a French-Irish National and he really loves Canada to be his home. I was hesitant at first because I’m just terrified of the extreme winter condition since I grew up in a tropical country. Then we both realized that we already have to consider our 3-yr old daughter’s future so we’ve both decided to finally migrate here in Canada.

How you feel after coming here?

It’s a mix of emotions. I feel grateful because this is a once a lifetime opportunity but I also feel homesick sometimes which is a normal feeling for new immigrants like us.


Why you come to Ottawa ?

My husband speaks french which makes Ottawa a better place for him to explore opportunities in federal government. Also, Ottawa’s cost of living is a lot better compared than others.

What is the biggest challenge for you since you have lived here, in Ottawa ?

Oh definitely the weather! It was my first winter experience and I am still adjusting until now. Since we’ve also moved from Dubai, we never paid taxes when we’re still living there. It was quite a challenge to manage finances now since taxes somehow affects our income. Though we really appreciate the benefits of paying taxes to the government because it’s for the common good of everyone.

How do you try to get over with that biggest challenge ?

Proper clothing during winter is a must in order to survive!

What are the challenges newcomer face here in Ottawa? What can be done to make it easier for newcomers?

Probably job hunting would be a challenge. It would be good if there would be sharing or forums about successful job hunt based from the experiences of fellow immigrants.

Are you doing something to help newcomers or are in interested in participating in activities for newcomers?

I’ve been planning of creating some vlogs about moving and starting life here in Canada. Hopefully I would be able to pull off the project soon.

Any suggest for those who new to Ottawa ? Relates to job, friendship, social life ?

Be braver. Embrace change. Connect with new people.


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