10 reasons for choosing Ottawa

Generally, as a newcomer in Canada, I always here about why did I choose to settle in Ottawa? I bet that also as a newcomer from Canada or from abroad you also heard that question. Anyway, if you’re still undecised about the fact of settling in Ottawa, here are 10 reasons to help you to choose this amazing city.
  1. It’s the Capital city

Often I hear that many foreigners ignore that Ottawa is the capital city of Canada thinking about Montréal or Toronto. However, Ottawa is the capital city where all the decisions are made and all the goverment institutions are. If you look for an administrative position, then you should definetely settle here.
Parliament of Canada
  1. You can be in 2 Canadian province on the same time !

Alexandra Bridge, the link between Ontario and Québec
That’s is the particularity of the agglomeration of Ottawa which is located on 2 provinces : Québec (Gatineau, Hull and Aymer) and Ottawa (city + Orléans, Kanata…) on Ontario. Just cross the bridge Alexandra by feet and you will see that the 2 parts of the agglomeration offer 2 different pictures of the Canadian culture.
  1. There are plenty of parks and beaches (yes you well read)

Nature is everywhere in Ottawa and that’s made it unique. If you come here, you will always find a green place to walk around, biking and just relaxing. Also, you can easily, in summer time, go to the beach and had barbecue as we did, because we have some beaches such as Britannia, Westboro or Mooney Beach.
  1. The way of life is good

This is an another point that you may enjoy if you choose to settle in Ottawa. The capital city offers good infrastructures and high standards of life. Actually the cost of life is cheaper than Toronto or Vancouver and the city is enough small to be nice and quite big for business and job opportunities.
  1. Culture is everywhere

There is no denying that Ottawa offers a lot of possibilities in term of culture that you can’t get bored. Many museums are here such as Canadian History Museum, or Art Museum (see the list here) and most of them have free entrance at certain time of the week (HERE). In addition, if you prefer music, festival and sport, the city has everything for it !  Every summer, you can participate to cultural and diversity festival (greek, indian, palestinian, pride parade), and plenty of music concerts. Finally, do no forget that Canadian fest for the 1st July is the biggest.
thai festival
Tourism information HERE
  1. It is close to everywhere

Ottawa as the wonderful particularity to be between Toronto and Montréal: 2 megalopoles with their dynamical area. It is 5 hours far from Toronto and 2 hours far from Montréal. And I didn’t mention that you can easily go to USA (1 hour from the border) and so many exciting places to visit in Canada.
  1. People are really nice !

This is also a good reason to choose Ottawa which is a city not too small to meet people and not too big to feel comfortable. Every community and nationality is represented in here and diversity is probably the best thing about Ottawa.

8. It is a student place

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « UNIVERSITE D'oTTAWA »
Yes, Ottawa welcome many students from everywhere in the world especially at University of Ottawa, which is quite prestigious and also Carleton University. So, it is a young city with so many way to meet new people and enjoy what student life has the best.

9. It is bilingual

Canada is a bilingual country where English and French are meeting. More than any other city in Canada, Ottawa is probably the most bilingual city. So if you aim to practice – or learn – one or both of the language(s) then you should definitely choose this city for settle.

10. Because there is NEWCOMERS in OTTAWA

Our group is only present in Ottawa and its area and, it would be the best way for you to meet new people and get more familiar with the Canadian culture in the diversity. You can join our group HERE.
Photo credits : biotyfulltraveller, except for the points 8 and 10

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